White Collar Crime

Our criminal area is the first experience in our country where a group of highly qualified lawyers in economic criminal law is integrated with a firm specialized in transactional matters.

This double specialization allows our services in criminal matters to be permanently and completely supported by key legal areas for the conduct of our cases, such as the financial, corporate and tax areas, among others.


  • Financial crime
  • Securities fraud
  • Bankruptcy crime
  • Antitrust crime
  • Tax crime
  • Customs offenses
  • Intellectual property crime
  • Health and safety at work crime
  • Criminal product liability
  • Cyber crime
  • Environmental crime
  • Criminal liability of legal entities
  • Money laundering
  • Counsel in the prevention of corporate crimes and criminal compliance: Risk assessment, risk management, whistleblowing, internal investigations, AML-Compliance, FCPA, UKBA.


Partners: Augusto LoliHéctor Gadea.