Private Clients

Our Private Clients area provides integrated advice to families, individuals and business owners regarding the structuring and management of their assets and wealth. Our lawyers have the experience and capacity to identify the client concerns and special needs, in order to develop personalized structures for the management, planification and protection of their assets and businesses.

Within this practice, our law firm specializes in designing and setting-up investment structures,both domestic and international, and the preservation of individual or family wealth, pursuing the achievement of special and unique objectives of every client. These structures may involve, domestic or foreign trusts, investment funds, private companies, among others.

In connection with these matters, our team puts special emphasis on the tax efficiency of the recommended structures, identifying the associated opportunities and risks, while providing flexible and compliant solutions regarding adversities or changes that may exist in the future. Our team has consolidated experience advising international transactions that involve several jurisdictions.

Specifically, our Private Clients area provides the following services:

  • Advisory regarding the structuring, incorporation and operation of family offices.
  • Design of sophisticated, customized and compliant structures for the efficient management of family wealth, which allows its preservation for future generations.
  • Elaboration of family protocol (governance) and succession planning.
  • Advisory related to structuring, incorporation and operation of domestic and foreign trusts, investment funds and other types of vehicles.
  • Counsel for corporate governance, shareholders agreements, among others.
  • Advice to fiduciaries.

In order to provide creative and integrated solutions, we work closely with domestic and foreign trustees, bankers, investment managers and family offices.


Partners: Alberto RebazaCamilo Maruy.