Administrative law

Our practice focuses on advising private companies in their relationships or controversies with public sector entities, with a clear understanding of the applicable regulations and procedures.

The administrative law area, complemented by our experience gained in the infrastructure, mining, environmental, real estate and financial sectors, among others, allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive, strategic and specialized advice.

In particular, our advice focuses on the following topics:


  • Authorization filings, submission of inquiries, requests for regulatory interpretation and other submissions.
  • Preparation and filing of applications/pleadings, verification of compliance with regulatory requirements (TUPA), etc.
  • Administrative remedies. 



  • Administrative audits
  • Defense in administrative sanctioning procedures



  • Registration before the National Suppliers Registry (RNP in Spanish).
  • Selection process: bid queries and clarifications filed regarding the terms of reference of bidding processes, presentation of offers, appeals, etc.
  • Execution of public contracts (and their amendments) to deliver goods, services and carry out works.
  • Arbitration procedures against contracting entities.


Team: Alberto RebazaRoger ZavaletaLuis Miguel ElíasRicardo CárdenasJesús RevillaMirko MedicCarolina Meneses.