Data Protection

Our Personal Data Protection area provides comprehensive advice to all types of companies that processes personal.

Our lawyers have the experience and capacity required to answer all types of queries and provide advice to companies in their internal procedures, audits, and / or criminal proceedings, in coordination with the White Collar Crime area, in relation to personal data processing, among others.

Within this practice, our Firm specializes in the following services: 

  • Advice on implementation of obligations:
    • Design of legal actions required for efficient implementation according to the business model;
    • Identification of the data collected or to be collected, its treatment and purposes, as well as the data banks in which it is stored or should be stored;
    • Evaluation of compliance with the regulatory framework established in the Personal Data Protection Law, its Regulation, and sectoral or special regulations;
    • Advice and counseling during audit procedures initiated by the Personal Data Protection Authority or other authorities;
  • Special reports regarding allegations by the Personal Data Protection Authority on alleged rule infractions to be submitted before authorities.
  • Advise on information security measures
  • Support during internal investigations
  • Trainings


Our Team: Alexandra OrbezoJosé Álvaro QuirogaMaría del Pilar SánchezSergio MattosAndrea Rieckhof.