Our Compliance team focuses on generating efficient mechanisms to prevent crime, to organize and guide the management and control bodies, the main executives and the different collaborators of companies in Peru. 

This is a key legal service given the scope of Legislative Decree N°1352 which extended the administrative (criminal) liability of legal entities for the crimes of bribery of government officials, money laundering and financing of terrorism, in addition to the crime of transnational active bribery. 

In light of this development Rebaza Alcázar & De Las Casas is able to provide strategic advise tailored to each company and business model, implementing crime prevention models appropriate to the particular characteristics of each organization. 

The interdisciplinary component of our team provides an approach that guarantees the effectiveness of the prevention models we develop for our clients. Thus, the confluence of lawyers with extensive experience in economic criminal law, corporate and financial law, labor law and regulation of various industries, are the best guarantee of the high quality of our criminal risk prevention service for companies.


Partners: Augusto LoliHéctor Gadea.