• Project Finance
  • Syndicated loans
  • Bank loans
  • Multilateral financing
  • Refinancing
  • Financing through securities offerings (corporate bond issuances and securitizations)

Working closely with banks and multilateral organizations involved in financing either as lenders or structuring agents, we have developed several legal arrangements for conventional credit and bank transactions, as well as highly complex syndicated loans, including A/B loans, subordinated credits, contributions through preferential stock featuring pegged dividends or yields, and financings in the capitals market through corporate bond issuances, and project and securitization bonds (see section on the stock market above).

Our attorneys’ experiences is not restricted to managing the financial side of these transactions. Rather, it also includes regulatory considerations in the electricity, gas and oil, mining, water and sewage, telecommunications, and foreign investment sectors (including Bilateral Investment Treaties or BITs and eventual conflicts to be resolved in agreed arbitration forums such as the Chamber of Commerce, AMCHAM, ICSID, and others).