"The complexity of the work, the closeness to the lawyers, the constant search for excellence and good vibes, make this place the best alternative to grow both professionally and personally"


María Fernanda Gadea Associate
“We offer a professional service that is based on the commitment to give the client peace of mind, for which we put at their disposal an excellent specialized knowledge oriented to the achievement of the proposed objectives.”
Julio Morales (Senior Associate)
“Being at the forefront with the current judicial and administrative criteria in several labor issues, allows us to give precise solutions and to carry out a proper risk assessment in our audits.”
Omar Diaz (Senior Associate)
“The constant invitation to challenge ourselves, to assume commitments and accept the team´s commitments as our own, makes the passion that distinguishes us, is not lost.”
Janett Burga (Senior Associate)
“Being part of the Firm has raised my professional standards. Providing a comprehensive, quality and innovative legal service is our priority.”
Daniela Urquiza (Associate)
“We are an organization that is very proud of the service we provide to our clients”
Gonzalo De las Casas (Main Partner)
“Our work is based on professionalism while taking care of the clients’ interests.”
Rafael Alcázar (Main Partner)
“Our temperament is a very important differential factor, because we put real passion and energy for what we do”
Alberto Rebaza (Main Partner)